The Crew

The crew of the Ultimate Lady are experienced, skilled and passionate about Tahiti! None more so then our Captain, Tom Francis.

Growing up in Papau New Guinea, Tom lived on his family yacht spending his childhood cruising the remote islats of New Guinea, from Port Moresby to Milne bay. Sailing and fishing have been in his blood since an early age, catching king mackerel, wahoo and tuna. Often raising billfish on home made lures, he grew frustrated when not able to stop their blistering runs.

Tom crewed on boats during the school holidays, and then upon finishing school, he returned to New Guinea to run the deck on a local charter boat. Since moving to New Zealand; Tom has fished from the Three Kings to East Cape, and was the 1st captain to recreationally fish the Whanganella Banks. Since the launch of Ultimate Lady in August 98', Tom has worked his way up through the ranks; from 1st mate to gaining his Captains and engineers liscence. In 2001 he took over as captain.

Tom is a well-traveled proffesional; having captained the Ultimate Lady for a number of seasons on the Great Barreir Reef, Gold Coast, Vanuatu, Fiji, New Guinea, New Caledonia, Samoa, New Zealand, Norfolk Island and now calls French Polynesia home.